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Do you think I will get a good grade on this persuasive essay?

(There will be no indenting because I am typing this on my I pod.) In my perspective, I believe that life isn't fair. Even if you tried your hardest and made only one mistake, it can tear apart everything. This is caused by miscommunication in our society. On the flip side, maybe there is some hope that everything you do in a good way will benifit you in the future. In buddism, prophets have developed the theory of karma. Karma determines the fate or reward you receive on every action you commit. In "The Outsiders" all of the Socs' discriminated the greasers even though that the greasers never did anything harmful. After the rumble, The greasers claim victory and tensions subside. The Socs' have recieved the punishment they deserved. Although, we can't assume that karma is a factor that decides the outcomes of events. Likewise, just because you did the right thing, doesn't mean you're guaranteed to getsomething in return. The person who I relate to this topic the most is my math teacher last year, "Mrs. Staack." Her motto is simple ,yet powerful. "Life isn't fair." this is absolutely true in many ways. First, Ponyboy's guardian named "Darry" always scolded him. He always been nice to Darry and never deserved this. One night, he fell asleep in a lot by accident. As a result, Darry once again releases his anxiety by raising the tone of his voice. But now he did the same thing with his fist. Also, many people with Doctorate degrees have not been able to get a job because they are overqualified. Lastly, there had been major tragedies in the past that resemble unfairness. This includes the Titanic, nine eleven, and world war II.In conclusion, not everything is fair. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying. Instead, we must try our hardest and create a wall that seperates us from negativity. We can't expect everything to be a merry-go-round. We have to reach a consensus that life is a roller coaster. Eventhough, there is one good thing inside Pandora's box... Hope.

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    I've read The Outsiders before, and I want to point out a few things.

    Darry was not scolding Ponyboy for no good reason. Ponyboy came home in the middle of the night. Naturally, being Ponyboy's only guardian, Darry would scold him for making him worry, this seems pretty fair to me. Also you have to keep in mind that Darry was under an immense amount of pressure to provide and care for his two brothers. Having that many responsibilities can make someone snappy.

    Secondly, The Outsiders is not the greatest example of the workings of Karma. Johnny died, even though the reason was because he saved a bunch of kids from a burning church. But this would be a great example of how life isn't fair.

    And I leave you with a quote from Calvin and Hobbes:

    "The world isn't fair, Calvin."

    "I know Dad, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favour?"

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