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Neighbor dumping deer guts in road?

Neighbors dumping deer guts in road?

My next door neighbor was gutting a deer on the side of our street. This was slightly strange that he wasn't doing this on his own land since he has five acres of land to do it on. I wasn't that bothered by it until he finished gutting the animal and dumped all of the deer organs, guts, blood, and undesirable parts in the middle of the street! He has five acres that he could have disposed of this on yet he did this for whatever rude reason. He has never been friendly and basically always border line rude. This draws unwanted animals that come and eat it off of the street! Isn't it a health hazard or something? Is there anything I can do about this? What should I do? Please help! (Sorry, I didn't know what category to put this under...)

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    I agree. File a complaint or notify your Code Enforcement Officer (or Office).

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    Its disgusting, report him to enviromental health

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