I don't like my best friend anymore?

I've known her since 2007 but we became best friends in 2010. I feel like a jerk by saying this but, I don't like her anymore! Lately, I just kind of realized that we don't have anything in common. A lot of the time she'll change her opinions, interests, and beliefs to match mine. She had never heard of a band until I played a couple of songs on my iPod while driving and when I looked on her Youtube account the next day, she had made a playlist, and all of a sudden she's obsessed with them. She's done this to quite a few bands that I've liked and it's really annoying. She signed up for Tumblr because I had it. I told the guy I like how I felt and so did she. I got a job and so did she.

She'll ask me an opinion on something, if I've asked her first and I say the opposite of what she has than she'll agree with me. If I say something (even if I know she doesn't think that way) she'll agree. I don't believe in God and when I actually started telling people, she's started saying stuff like that too. She does whatever I do and I can't stand it.

She's also been annoying me. She doesn't do it on purpose, I don't think she even notices. I also find little things that she does really irritating. She texts me everyday (she starts the conversations), but she never has anything to talk about.

We do everything together, but lately a lot of things have stopped. We use to drive to school together every morning, but I told her I couldn't anymore because I wanted to go home at lunch. We use to drive by the guys' houses that we liked, but that also stopped because of me. I'm talking to her less and less, even seeing her less and less at school. I feel like I'm being mean and treating her badly. I feel like I don't want to be friends anymore. I don't even know what to talk to her about anymore. I don't feel like we can have a real conversation. We're both in our last year of high school.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Start talking **** behind her back

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe she's obsessed with you and it'll be like the movie The Roommate

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