I have NO idea how to shop!?

So I definately need new clothes and shoes. The problem is I have NO idea what so ever how to shop. I don't know what's in style and I hate shopping!:( I always end up buying the ugliest clothes that I will hate later on. I dress real simple and ugly just some flats jeans and shirt. I need to dress better but since I don't have many friends I don't know what to wear please help someone?:'(

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  • Linda
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    8 years ago
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    I'm just like you, I often go shopping with others to get opinions. Maybe you can do that. But you can always go for clothes that match other things. Like black boots. They go good with skinny jeans and maybe a nice flowy cardigan or something. Always find colors that compliment your skin tone, eyes, hair color, and what you're wearing. Don't throw colors together, sometimes they don't match. For example, you could wear a navy blue cardigan and a nice white flowy tanktop, a pair of skinny jeans and maybe throw in some flats or boots.

    Good luck, hope I helped!

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