how to flirt over text?

im 13 he's 15, i've had a crush on him for over a year. DON'T tell me im too young coz im NOT! i might even be in love but im gonna be cool about it as much as possible, i 'haven't done much about it but im ready too. we text alot and after most texts we both put 1 or 2 kisses ( 'X' ) at the end. does that mean anything? probably not but question still stands. anywayz, i wana no how i can flirt over text? it might giv him a few hints and might make him join in. can u also tell me signs of if he's flirting back and if he likes me back? plzzzzzz?

thx xx


btw were friends, so so he likes me, but i wana no if he likes more more thaan a friend

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  • 8 years ago
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    he texts you back.. a lot.. is that not enough of a sign that he likes you?

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