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How to dye your hair with kool aide?

I want to dye my hair with kool aide but i dont want it to be permanent. Is there a way to do it with the kool aid coming out in 2-4 washes?

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    Kool-Aid is a dye.. that is, it is a colour for fabrics. It is permanent, as in forever and ever.

    It works on bleached hair. You can put it on natural hair, but you won't get good results. It will be a mixture of your own colour plus the KA -- it is a dye after all, and not a hair colour. If you have dark hair, it will be dark hair with a hint of some other. It will wash out quite fast in that case, because the colour will only be on the outside. When the hair is bleached, you have a clean slate, no interference from any other colour, and it will get inside the hair and last longer.

    It is permanent. It will fade somewhat, but never completely. There will always be a faint stain remaining. It cannot be bleached out. It can be covered up with a darker colour. It has to be eventually cut off to remove it completely.

    KA is not a temporary colour. It is permanent. It remains forever and a day.

    For temporary colour, use one of the temporary water rinses on the drugstore shelf. They wash out the next shampoo. They are not very strong, and work best on lighter coloured hair. Or use the chalk, or coloured gels, or coloured sprays. Those usually wash out the next shampoo.

  • Yeah. Just add carrot juice to it. That makes it permanet

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