what am i sick with..?

It started Thursday evening with pressure building in my head and a faint headache,

that led to a getting really cold, then hot again, then back to really cold again on Friday, Each time i was cold my fever was 101.3 and each time i was hot it was 99.5. each time i layed down then suddenly got up my i got a short burst of an enormous headache and then it went away as soon as i stabilized. I also felt sort of week.

Saturday, Sunday, pass same syndromes but I progressively got better. started to develop raspy cough plus mucus

Monday(Today) I woke up and I feel for the most part fine but i lost my voice, kind of cold. but I have mucus in my throat, feels like something is "tickling" my throat, loss of air equals cough, spitting up mucus.

Though my previous symptoms are gone? i'm afraid it's turning into a whooping cough? is that possible? I only cough when i want to hack up a loogie, or if I have a lack of air. I'm not like coughing all the time.

1 Answer

  • Thomas
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    You are just having a bad Cold. The cough is usually the last thing to be rid of. Take cough mixture to suppress the cough.

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