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Why do people call Kobe a ballhog?

In Kobe's whole career he averages almost 5-6 assists a game.

Dwyane wade had almost the same assist numbers as kobe for the last 3 years.

Every other shooting guard barely averages any more then 4 assists.

So i wanna know is why do people keep saying he's a ballhog?? Kobe manages to score 25+ pts and average 5 assist, what more do you guys want from a SG???

And please dont even post comparing him to another position other then a SG.

Please, tell me haters, how is he a ballhog??



I just specifically said not to compare him with any other position and yet you compare kobe to kevin durant and lebron????

Damn, kobe haters just get dumber and dumber smh.....

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    It's because Kobe is the best.. people will look for anything to hate on him.

  • Eddie
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    8 years ago

    maybe if you look at shots to assists ratio then you would not be asking this question,

    Kobe shot the ball 4 more times than Durant this past year and 5 more times than Lebron this past year and barely scored one more point than lebron and basically the same amount of points as Durant

    But lebron shot to assits ratio is 18/8 which is 44% where you boy kobe is 23/5 which is 21%

    Kobe had the worse shot to assists ratio in the last few years in the NBA.

    Edit: So if we cannot compare kobe to any other player then kobe can have one assists per game and it will be a lot to you because we would not have anything else to compare what one assists means. It stills does not change the fact that kobe shots to assists ratio is one of the worse ratio in league history.

    So your the dumbazz to bring up this question and can't back it up and then get mad when you get owned with an answer.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    there's a double-nicely-known via kobe haters. Kobe often makes the "Hockey assists"(particularly at abode video games) meaning kobe made a bypass that bring about an help. With somebody like Lebron, you get a participant who calls for to do each little thing(no longer merely score yet each little thing) Lebron for some reason must be the guy to make the infrequently ever see Lebron make a bypass that leads to an help. So Lebron gets greater help and is seen as an "unselfish participant", i'm no longer attempting to assert Lebron is a ballhog cuz i do no longer skinny he's, yet ppl tend to be lie to via the help Stat...i might say on paper, help are the main deceptive statistic there is, by using fact it would not tell the full tale.

  • 8 years ago

    It's simply because A LOT of the shots he takes are difficult shots, double teams, buzzer beaters, under pressure shots. He usually forces a shot to get points that the team could've gotten easier if he'd just pass it to an open teammate.

    This doesn't really make him a ballhog, just very VERY confident in his shot,

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  • 8 years ago

    Wade more willing to pass the ball, and takes easier shots. While Kobe shots alot and take tuff shot.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm a Lakers fan. Kobe is called a "Ball hog" because he shoots a lot of "tough shots" instead of D-Wade passing it a lot. But he makes a lot of those tough shots.

  • 8 years ago

    they call him a ballhog because he doesn't pass the ball as often as he should, keep in mind he used to be the only scoring option on the team and he always has to bail his team out. things will change with nash and howard in the mix

  • 8 years ago

    Pshhh... All of Kobe's assists are airballs that Pau Gasol decided to tip in.

  • 8 years ago

    He's known for taking unnecessary shots and throw-it-up to throw-it-up type shots when there are open teammates around him.

    Its a fair point, I would necessarily call him a ball-hog, but...

  • 8 years ago

    Them haters only talk about his high shot volume. That's why his assist get over look

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