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Kawaski 100 2 stroke help?!?

So i have a 1973 kawasaki 100 2 stroke and i recently got it running. It will start ride up an idle good. When i put it in gear and when i let the clutch out it will bog down and die. Unless i leave the choke on. But i cant get to second gear it will just bog out and die. Help fast!

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    Sounds a lot like the main jet's clogged to me. I'd give the carb a good cleaning and go from there.

    Oh, Chris has an excellent point as well, don't forget an inline fuel filter.

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    Both above posters are correct but left out one important factor-

    Older bikes have a build-up of old fuel-varnish in the tank, the newer ethanol fuel eats that varnish off and it all goes down-hill from there.

    Install an in-line fuel filter after you've cleaned out the carb.

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    Ok im replying from your last question. there might me a fuel mixture screw on the carb. there might be one closer to the intake or one closer to the air box. if there's a one closer to the intake that is the fuel mixture adjustment and you would screw it out to let more fuel in. if there's a screw near the air box side that's the air mix adjust and you would screw it in to let less air in. don't mix it up with the idle screw. if the bike uses a slide mechanism to open the carb (not the butterfly) you can take it out and adjust the pin. you would remove the clip and lift the pin up a notch or two.

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    Hope this helps!!!!

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    The fuel transfer ports or the main jet is clogged. Take apart the carb and spray carb cleaner in every orifice and jet you can find. It should cure the problem.

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    does it have enough gas? have you sat and revved it lightly for two or three minuts? is your fuel mixture too rich? are the points good? i wish i could help more, but you should consider those things if you havent already. congradulations on a nice old bike.

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