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How do I being writing?

Sometimes I long to write, but I never do it because I have no idea what to write about. I probably want to write something that expresses my feelings into words that can be visualized. I guess because I am shy, it makes me want to express my feelings into words when it is hard to do with people.

I wrote a short poem, but it doesn't rhyme at all. Do poems have to rhyme at all? I am thinking of making a frame of it instead of just hiding it in a drawer.

Sometimes I want to write an article for a spiritual magazine, but how do articles appear in small magazines? Do people turn in their stories? How do I know what to write about and how long?

I used write a made up story as a child and could write stuff that I felt inspired about. I have a children's book that I had to make in high school, but I know that it needs a lot of revision.

Any idea how to start? It would be nice if sometimes I could get some pocket money from time to time.

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    We are passionate about what we know about, our family, friends, ourselves, jobs, hobbies, clubs, schools, etc. Try writing about something you know about, focus on the details and begin. Beginning is the hardest but once we start, there's no stopping us.

    For instance, when I have a sink load of dishes that I don't want to do, I tell myself, I'll only do three and when all is said and done, they're all finished.

    Set a time to write, tell yourself you'll write for 15 minutes, and just get started. Who knows when we'll see your name in print after such a beginning. Good luck.

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    Firstly, no, poems most certainly do NOT have to rhyme all the time. If they do, that's nice, but it definitely isn't necessary. Also, if you'd like to submit an article for a magazine, research it. Go on their website and check if they're looking for articles, if not, maybe write to the editor?


    The length of your writings doesn't matter (unless you're submitting it and there's a limit!).

    As for the story you made up as a child, ask an English teacher you currently have to help you out. If you're no longer in school, ask a friend, and then another to pitch in ideas or suggestions. Since it's a children's book, you should probably ask some children to read it- maybe cousins, brothers/sisters, nephews, nieces, etc?

    Best of luck! :)

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    I know EXACTLY what you're feeling! I get writer's block so badly, I'll end up having a staring contest with the little blinking cursor in word. Ugh. But there are ways to help this!

    My best ideas for writing come from a couple things: my dreams, and music. If you dream a lot, I'd recommend keeping a journal by your bed to record anything in a dream that interests you. I am a dreamer, and I have gotten some of my best writing ideas from my dreams!

    Everytime I want to write something, I play music. I don't play pop or anything distracting; actually, I rarely play music with words, because it can be distracting to me. I go on youtube and find good original music that can have an amazing effect on the quality and mood of my writing. One track I love is "Summer Fog" by The Album Leaf. I find a different mood in it every time: romantic, tragic, comforting, spirtual, ect. There are a lot more than that, but it is the one that stands out to me the most. Also, many songs have a story involved with the lyrics, which can really get me thinking.

    Poems don't need to rhyme at all! My poems are always either freestyle or haiku, and if you like one, you should frame it!

    I'd talk to the magazine you plan on submitting an article for on most of these details. Look at other articles similar to what you want to write about in that magazine, and compare the sizes to find a length you would consider appropriate.

    I felt much more inspired as a child too, unfortunately. What I wrote back in the fourth grade looks terrible and short in comparison to how I write now. Right now I'm editing a story I started writing only a couple years ago, and I hate it so much I'm changing major parts of the plot and everything. What I write now is amazing in comparison, and it shows how much you're improving and learning as a writer.

    How to start? Inspire yourself by listening to music, reading a book, ect. I like to surf the web while I'm writing, just waiting for something to pop up that would get me thinking. I get my best ideas when the weather is at its worst: wind, rain, snow, ect. I also like writing best at night, but it differs for everybody. You could always google ideas on things to write about if you still can't.

    I hope this helps you! Good luck, and happy writing!

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    I have always thought that the Index card system should work.

    Every time you have a thought put it on the top of a card.

    As you review the cards add more info, just a line or two.

    Eventually put the cards in order and keep adding to them.

    Poems don't have to rhyme. Same everything. When you are

    DEAD, you may become famous.

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    I know how you feeel that me right there lol. Poems dont have to ryhme. Thats like saying theres a specific type of way to breathe. Theres different types of poems..Different ways of breathing u get me? Theres never a specific topic you have to write about when its you wanting to write. You gotta do your own thingg. Write what you want. How you feel about things your feelings, thoughts etc. Dont try to explain the way u think or why you think it because if its something like feelings it should be something you know what your talking about. Haa. Depends on the magazine what topic it fits it. Sometimes u have to write on a specific topic that goes with the magazine u know? Write as much as you want theres no limit<3

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    No, poems do not have to rhyme. And please proofread anything of yours before sending it in. (And I don't know where to find those. Guess google that to find out).

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