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Stay safe, everyone and their horses....?

during this storm, "Sandy"!


I have never felt a wind like this, in my whole life. You can barely breathe...the wind just takes your breath away, out in the open.

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    I swear I'll never date a chick named Sandy again.

    Anyway, I also wish everyone the best of luck.

    Don't risk your lives for the horses. Your life is far more important.

    Don't lock them up. Leave them loose with access to shelter and they'll do the rest, as is their natural instinct.

    Buckle up, hunker down. Nothing more can be done for now.

    Zephania, if your horses are 'safely tucked away in a barn', god help them all.

    I actually thought you had more sense. How disappointing you judge every horse on the actions of deer.

    You need to think of the bigger picture. Really think.

    Perhaps I should find you the video of when hurricanes hit QLD and two owners had to wait for the waters to subside so they could drag out the bodies of their drowned horses from the barn they locked them in... as their neighbours horses found higher ground on the roof.

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    Thank you very much.

    We both live in Pa and the barn I board him at gets flooded pretty bad . I do hope that they moved all the horses out, since it's a small barn. I would call them but lines are down.

    Wesley is just a baby (3 years old) so I have no idea how this will turn out.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Yes, I too hope we all stay safe!

    For those who think "natural instincts" will keep their horses safe, here's a video. Deer caught in the surf. If a deer, a true wild animal used to fending for himself, can do something this stupid, what do you think a poor domesticated horse will do on his own???

    (you may have to scroll over to select the correct video)

    Prodi, I've seen it. I've seen the roof lift off my neighbor's place, horses all standing in their stallsin that barn were wet and scared but safe. That roof shredded into a billion sharp projectiles, and shredded everything left out downwind on their place AND our place (nothing living, thank heavens our horses were in).

    I've seen the aftermath of storms on Assateague, where the ponies ran the wrong way and could not escape, though they tried. Dead bodies in the surf.

    We all have different experiences which shape our decisions. My experiences are VASTLY in favor of shutting them in.

    Horses are safer in a barn built for storms. If you build in a flood plain or build a shanty, all bets are off.

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    I hope everyone stays very safe and sound as well as their animals, including dogs, cats and horses. Hope it's just a small storm!

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    The amount of "questions" about the hurricane that are coming up in this section is seriously starting to stress me out... :/ All the best for everyone and their animals!

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