should i buy the skyrim collectors edition for xbox or pc?

Hello, I own the original copy of Skyrim for the PC with the two newest expansions. I was wondering since my pc has been down a while I really want to play Skyrim. Is it worth getting it again on the Xbox. I don't own many games on the Xbox, most are on the PC. Over 500 to be exact. Any suggestions would be helpful too. Thanks.

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  • onion
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    8 years ago
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    Ok it looks like nobody's actually been reading your question properly lol. So as for, should you get Skyrim on xbox 360, since your pc is playing up.

    The two games are near enough the same. But as a lot of people have touched upon already, the main difference is the mods. If your game is heavily modded, you might not be too keen going back to the vanilla game again. I know I was like this when I played it on PS3, when staying at my sisters place I had it so heavily modded on my pc for so long, I kind of forgot certain things were actually mods, and trying to do things, that weren't there. The Xbox 360 version is definitely the best of the console versions, the graphics are pretty good, and it doesn't have any of the major issues that are present in the ps3 version. So from that point of view sure, it's just as good. But as I said, the only difference is you can't mod it, although admittedly on a good pc the graphics are far better as well.

  • 8 years ago

    I recommend PC version since you have a TON of mods. The mods I have take more space then the game itself. You will be able to fix almost every annoyance you can think of. As for the controls, skyrim is not hard to control on mouse and keyboard, it's quite easy in fact.

    If you have a decent gaming PC, then Skyrim will be one hell of an eye candy, with a LOT of content, that you will never see on Xbox.

    Want new quests? Beast looking armors and weapons? Want your followers to stealth properly? Want better graphics? Want more weathers? Want more people in your guild? Want to have better hud and ui? Want to have combat overhaul, so it's more challenging AND fun? Want new followers? Want new houses? Want your own CASTLE? Want to be a dragon? And the list goes on - all of the mentioned above is possible with mods on PC and MUCH more.

    With xbox, you just buy the game, buy the DLC and that's it, nothing new. With PC you can customize so much, it's amusing. Mods are what prolong Skyrims life.

  • 8 years ago

    Well both are fine but the PC one has allot of mods. And those can be allot of fun!

    But well both are fine it is your choice if you want to play skyrim watching a television or a PC screen

  • 8 years ago

    X-box!!! I thought I loved skyrim on the computer but the xbox is so much easier to control. When I played it at my friends house I wished I had it but I don't have an xbox so... Its definetly worth getting it on xbox even if you have it on pc

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    for my area I dont think of so. yet my buddy does. Its somewhat up you. Geting the creditors version delivers alot of different stuff so while you're a hardcore elder scrolls fan then its probobly nicely worth it.

  • Fox
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    8 years ago

    can your computer handle it? If not I would just get the 360 version so you don't have to worry about upgrades

  • 8 years ago


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