Did I get screwed over by buying the galaxy s3 for $250 on an upgrade when Verizon's online price is $200?

I just bought the galaxy s3 and I love it but the guys at the Verizon store always screw me over (last year I bought a droid charge for $400 WITH an upgrade) I'm sick of them tricking me! The guy at Verizon said he couldn't give me a mail-in rebate for the galaxy and the best price he could give me was $250 with my upgrade. Then I look on Verizon's website and the galaxy s3 is $200 on a "2 year contract" which I'm assuming means upgrade. I have 12 more days to return my phone and I'm wondering if he charged me $50 more than he should've?! Because if he did I'm returning it! And has anyone had a bad experience with buying Verizon phones online?

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  • 8 years ago
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    amazon wireless is selling the 16gb model for $150 with a upgrade, and the 32 for $200

    if Verizon won't match this, return it and just order it from Amazon.

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