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I need to get a quote from an expert vert or Aquarium of the Americas employee?

about sizes of an aquarium for fish. i NEED a quote from a vet please help


2 goldfish

Update 2:

i need a quote by a vet

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    Why? Most vets know diddly about fish.

    There's two rules of thumb that serve as a STARTING POINT for determining aquarium size.

    1. one inch of adult fish length per gallon which is an indication on how much fish the water and the filter can handle

    2. the tank length needs to be at least 6 times the adult length of the fish.

    Of these two the second is probably the most important to you but even there it's a guideline. If you have a very sluggish and inactive species like some catfish you can get away with a bit less. If you have hyperactive fast swimmers like some barbs then you really want a bit more.

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    you do NOT state the fish you are housing. how can anyone give a quote/estimate if you don't state the fish you are wanting to house?

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    1 full size pirahna can live in a 30 gal tank,

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