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Why am I being bitten by fleas but not my fiancee, dog, or other roomates?

I am a very clean person. I shower everyday, I vaccum every other day, I don't know if it matters but I'm the fattest one in this house, and starting last week i started getting itchy spots all over me. We went to the doctor and found out they are flea bites. We've gotten my dog checked four times and he's clean, nobody in the house (there are five other people in this house) have been biten. How come they are only biting me (i just moved here and i've only been here 20 days) and now i'm being chewed up. Why? How do I get rid of them?

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    Short of putting out flea BOMBS. (Dollar general, 4 for $5)

    Put out several shallow bowls of water. Fleas just LOVE

    to jump in and swim about- their last swim. Even babies jump in.

    Often you hear about the pink dryer sheets keeping bites away.

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