back together, but cant get over wat he did wen we broke up. somebody plz?

my boyfriend of a year and a half broke up for about 3 or 4 months. he chose to sleep with this girl while we werent doin gud & werent official, but from time to time he still was ****** with me. I had found out.i was pregnant around the same time. he slept w her a few more times after finding out my pregnancy & then cut her off. This all happened my 1st trimester..

We ended up getting back together months later. We have tried resolve all of our past problems that led to the break up in the first place . but i am having such a hard time getting over him screwing with another girl while we were apart and how he hurt me. it makes me feel insecure and as if im not special at all because he did this. i talk to him about ut wheneverr i am feeling down. he always listens and reassures me, i have to admit that he is very very good about the whole why cant i get over it? My babys 2now & i constantly bring it up every day. The girl was just a piece of *** & he confirmed that it was just sex & she knew that he was still involved w ne , that i was pregnant & knew id b with hin all the time, but didnt care. But y can't i let it go? She had ppl on fb sayin they wished my baby wud die, they called my fone & his, talkin crap. It rlly stressed me... He said he was single & we wasnt gettin along 100%, true, but regardless of him being single, he was still fukn around with me & i had found out he had messed w her.

Isnt that wrong? Tho sometimes id have to really convince him to wna hang out w me, bc we butted heads. But if he was messing w some one else, other than me, he's wrong for not telling me..

Imean he always had put me 1st (relationship wise)Does anything for me, he says i do him wrong. Im confused. im constantly bringing it up all the time, i even called a psychic someone help.. She told me it will only ruin my relationship if i let it but i can't get it out my system. Plz someone wat to do, i wna b happy & let go

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    8 years ago
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    why are you even back with him.

  • 8 years ago

    You cannot let it go because him having casul sex while he is with you and even while you were on a break is just WRONG. I would really take a long hard look at this guiy, once a cheater always a cheater no matter what he may tell you. Casul sex is not good there are dieses and also he lacks morals. Do not bring a child into this situation, stand up for what your gut is telling you is right, not to have sex while you are with someone else.

  • 8 years ago

    Did he break up with you because you cant spell?

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