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Wedding planning before engagement?

Both my boyfriend and I have been doing a lot of wedding planning lately even though we are not engaged yet. Probably will be soon though! People think its weird that we are planning two years before we think we want to get married and before we are even engaged. I think its smart. The better prepared we are the less likely hood there will be drama later on. Just curious if other people planned way in advance? Was in helpful or did it stress you out later? Any tips? Just wondering. Thanks. :)


We both have fun looking at stuff and planning what we want. We already made a budget and decided on who's paying for what. He is either really interested or is just trying to make me happy. He brings it up a lot though which makes me think he's interested.

Update 2:

I don't have the ring on my finger and I haven't been asked yet but I think he's just waiting for our anniversary next month. So yea I guess we are basically engaged but with out the actual titles of fiancé yet.

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    If you are actively planning a wedding, you are engaged. That's the very definition of engagement

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    That's how mature people do it! The real way. You're on the right path and it's great to plan ahead. It just goes to show that you two are so secure with each other. If you really want to save big, skip the usual renting of wedding tablecloths. Buy them at online stores such as and you'll see how much money you can save. Money you can allot for something else, say honeymoon or for wedding photography. Don't shop on wedding months, prices might be a little high. Instead, subscribe to email newsletters so you can get the news right away, instead of guessing. That is how I did it and I hope I have shared enough info. I have the sources at the bottom, where I got most of my linens. My banquet chair covers were only $1.89 each and I got free shipping for all my linens too.

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    It sounds like your having fun shopping.

    You might find this an interesting exercise for the time being but don't get too specific. Locations become unavailable or stop hosting weddings. Items can be discontinued. Styles change, colors fall out of favor with wedding vendors and become almost impossible to get. Even caterers change their offerings to the point where you may find it difficult to get a menu you had in mind two years earlier.

    As for your budget the economy is equally in flux, and jobs come and go.

    Keep saving your money and stay flexible with your "plans." Anything can happen in two years and can happen a lot sooner. I've seen it many times.

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    I think it a little weird to plan a wedding if your not even engaged yet, but not weird (once engaged) to plan a year or two in advance - some venues need you secure dates that far in advance due to popularity.

    Just be aware, that trends and styles change rapidly, so have an idea/concept of what the wedding will look like, but don't finalise anything because by the time the wedding comes round - your ideas might not be in style anymore.

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  • Ash
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    Well to me your putting the cart before the horse. Your gonna loose the magic of planning your wedding if you do it now. my advice would be wait until your engaged

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    Sounds like you are engaged to me, so I don't see the problem.

  • Anonymous
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    I think you're doing it because you really love each other so good for you :)

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