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Complications Help!!! 10 points to best!!!!!!?

Ok so I like my ex (Kyle) for the longest time last year he's rlly funny and awesome but in art class last year his friend put mewhere I basically told Kyle I liked him and he said he didn't like me in a note and I excepted it (this was in April) then we started texting each other a lot almost everyday and then in July he asked me out and I said yes we broke up in late August rite b4 school started bc I had been rlly busy and I couldn't hang out so then the 2nd week of school (I'm friends with a bunch of different types of ppl) he asked out my friend skyler and I got RLYjealous bc no one told me I found out from an obnoxious person. I confronted him about it not rude or anything I ws like how come u didnt tell me about u and skyler? U guys r cuteand he was like I felt awkward telling u and I was like why and he said bc I still kinda have feeling for u and us wbu? And I said idk what I feel but then why r u dating skyler? And he said he didn't know so the next day he broke up with her and I was like oh so ya like a week later my friend Chris and I were talking about who we like and stuff and I told him I thought Kyle s best friend Ryan was cute but idk him tht much bc he's shy the next day Chris told Kyle I liked ryan and he kept trying to get him to ask me out over text and at school but in the end I asked him out bc I knew he was too shy so he said yes and yay him and I r going out but at the talent show I went to with my friends I saw him and Kyle there and they sat with us and Kyle the whole time was like put ur arm around her Ryan kiss her blah stuff like tht he ended up holding my hand and hugged me goodbye then later I out tht Kyle liked my best friend Ashley and I got rlly jealous she told me she DOESN'T like him at all but I'm jealous I like him and Ryan a lot and I'm confused but I don't want to hurt them and do likRyan but he's to shy to even talk to me Kyle and I talk and laugh but Ryan and I are sweet and he loves me but Kyle can be annoying help pls!

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    Ash, lay off the boys. You are CLEARLY confused and you need time to think about what you really want. I'd say, keep away from all boys till you figure out a few things.

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