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How can I train my 1yr old female great dane, whom has very bad habits already?? I dont want to get rid of her?

I have 7 boys ranging from 2 to 12. We thought it was an excellent idea to get a great dane. However she was sick when we got her, so we spoiled her. and spoiled her rotten, literally. She is not a bad dog. just has bad manners. she doesnt listen, and she is way over protective. She slips past us when we open the gate and runs forever, even though we have a good sized yard to run in. I need some tips on how to break her bad habits and re-train her.

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    8 years ago

    Take her and the kids to a prodessional trainer to train her and with 7 boys surely those sons of yours can walk craz (as in 2-4 miles with LOTS of running and hard play) but the whole family has to be on the same page with training the dog (being consistent). Good luck!

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    first off, put the dog on a leash, you go out the door before it, and also have the dog in a sitting position and tell it to stay. work with the command till the dog gets it. use the command when opening the door. when the dog stays give treats. this will help it learn. put on a long run call the dog and when it comes back to you. grab collar give treat, do this several times and it should work with it off run as well.

    as for the aggression you should consult a trainer. leave it command is a good one to learn. put treat in hand. let dog sniff it and say leave it. when dog backs up a little bit. give treat with another hand. eventully the dog will learn it. i worked with my dog while watching tv. and it learned alot but just dont over do it. when the dog gets bord stop or move on to something else. good luck. its still young enough to train.

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    8 years ago

    Get yourself a whistle. When you feed the dog, make her sit, say''wait'' and make her wait for a couple of sec's,by holding her collar if you have to, then give 3 short sharp blows on the whistle. Then when you walk dog, have a few treats in your pocket and carry the whistle with you. Give the same signal, 3 blows on whistle (the dog knows that there is food when it hears that sound) and when dog returns, lots of praise and a treat. This should help with getting the dog back, but I can't help with over protective I'm afraid as that is very specific to the dog/situation, but you could try doggie training classes, they're fun to go to and the older boys can come as well and will enjoy learning with the dog.

    Good luck x

  • Kate M
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    8 years ago

    Find a good trainer and either take classes or get some private lessons. You need a trainer who can actually help you with the problems you are having and not one that can just teach a dog to sit and that is about it.

    You need to train her to respect you first of all. Out her on leash and put the leash around your waist. Have her like this as you go about your daily activities (at least in the house). She will have to follow you around and learn to stay out of your way when you are moving. It will keep her out of trouble (she can't get into trouble when she is tied to you). You can work on things like getting her to sit on command and listen to you.

    You also need to get her to respect door and not run out. It is very dangerous for a dog to run out a door, they can run into traffic and be killed. Start with a door in the house and keep her on leash. Open the door and if she try to go out, quickly close the door. You want to catch her in it but not hurt her, she should go back from the door. It should only take a few times of this for her to look at you before dashing out. You can then work on giving a command that lets her know she can go through the door. Then practice with any and all doors and gates so she won't run out just because a door is open. Until you can 100% trust her, keep a leash by the door and put it on before you open the door.

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  • 8 years ago

    YouTube how to start clicker training. You can train any dog how to be an excellent companion especially if you are just worried about manners.

    Manners are easy to train with a clicker.

    Is she only an outside dog? Because if she is only an outside dog with a good sized yard regardless, there isn't much you can do because you aren't providing her with stimulation she needs. You can only train good manners to inside dogs because outside dogs will always develop behavioral problems since they aren't socialized properly.

    If she is an inside dog who runs out the gate when you let her out to use the bathroom or play, that can easily be fixed.

  • 8 years ago

    Sign up for obedience classes.

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