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how to tell parents about wedding at age 18?

i am 18, me and my now fiancee want to get married december 2012, weve known eachother about a year now, and finally started dating officially about a month and a half ago, and i dont know how to tell my parents, because i know they will think im to young, but this is what me and him want. he is in the Army and 22 years old, and we want to be morried before he leaves fo basic training so that when he get done i can move on base with him.

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    You are 18 and have been dating a month and a half?

    No. Just no.

    Besides, depending on what he's going for in the Army, you might not even be able to live with him anyway. My fiance's brother got married and his wife couldn't live with him for 6 months after they got married because he was REQUIRED to stay in certain housing on the base due to his training

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    No one, anywhere, at any age, should get married after dating someone for a month and a half. If you are still together in a year, then consider marriage. However, marrying someone you've been romantically involved with for a month is a great way to end up divorced.

    Wait and continue dating. If you feel the same way in a year or so, get married. There's no rush. Marriage is forever. Its better to be sure.

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    You two only think you know what you want. The reality is that you don't know s**t and if you follow through with being married odds are very high you'll be divorced within 2 years.

    If you don't have the maturity and mental capacity to tell your parents then you are in NO WAY mature enough to get married. You're just two silly kids pretending you're madly in love. Wake up sweetie. This has disaster written all over it.

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    You're too young and haven't dated long enough. Knowing someone for a year and dating are completely different. Getting married so you can move on base with him is not a good reason to get married. He needs to go to basic training, you need to go to college, learn a trade, get a job, etc. Allow yourself time to grow into a fully functioning adult before getting married.

    You should be scared to tell your parents. They will be pissed and I don't blame them.

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  • Doesn't matter how long you've known each other...only dated a month & a half and you're engaged & planning to marry NOW? Way too soon, especially since you BOTH are very, very young. Your parents will NOT be happy with this, unless they are looking to get you out of the house and their hair....

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    You are a child but unfortunately the law says you are old enough to make your own mistakes and ruin your life. No one can stop you at this point, be prepared for your parents to be very disappointed that the girl they raised and loved for 18 years decided to throw her life away. Maybe someday you'll learn.

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    Honestly, you think you're ready for marriage, but you're coming on the internet asking strangers how to tell mommy and daddy because you're scared? Don't make this gigantic mistake, unless you want to be divorced by 20. Don't be stupid, wait a few years.

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    Just tell your parents straight out and watch them pi$$ themselves laughing at how ridiculous you're being. It's not just your age, the only people who get engaged and married that quick are Kardashians and Las Vegas strippers and neither should be emulated.

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    You say, "Mom, Dad, I'm getting married."

    It's just that simple.

    The question you really want to ask is, "How can I tell my parents I'm making the stupidest decision of my life and have them say it's a good idea?"

    Sorry honey, if they love you, you're going to get a truck-load of blow-back. Welcome to adulthood. If you're mature enough to get married, you're mature enough to handle the blow-back GRACEFULLY.

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    Your too young you don't know what love is. Give yourself time to grow up and enjoy being a youth

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