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Am I pregnant please help?

I am on both control and take it everyday usually within two hours. Someday I take it three hours late. My bf and I also use the pullout method. I'm done this months lack of bc but I am not feeling like I'm getting my period. I stopped the pills 2 days a go and still no signs. And don't say take a test. What are my chances

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    It usually takes a week for the hormone from the pill to get out of your system so I think your chances are very slim of being pregnant but you should wait a bit longer then take a test or talk to your doctor about it.

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    Chances may be good. Even if the dipstick method is used, there is always sperm in the precum. The chance of getting pregnant is good, even with birth control.

    Source(s): Loveline with Dr. Drew
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    get a pregnancy test odds are if you correctly took your birth control you are not pregnant but if your period doesnt come just get one

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    Def prego, way to ruin your life.

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