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I smoke 2 cigarettes a day. Am I addicted?

I started smoking like a week ago and I've always from the first time I've tried it smoked only 2 a day. I don't nessesarally HAVE the urge to smoke, I just like to see the smoke come out... I think I just want to get the pack done is why I keep doing it. I guess I do like it but I honestly don't know if I'm ACTUALLY ADDICTED.

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    No but you will be, Who would want to smoke anyways? You'll get cancer unless your the 1% who's immune to it, even then what about the cost? At first its $5 a week then $10, then $20 before you know you'll lose 1000's of dollars witch could have been used for something else that's smarter. If your a guy it will lower your sperm count, because of the higher carbon monoxide levels. There's nothing I can do, the decision is yours, even though I don't know you I still don't want you to have a slow and pain full death. Look up an autopsy of a smoker, They have this gunk in their lungs and there valves a charcoal black.

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    It is too early to call it an addiction but it is a start.

    The best way is to identify what triggers the urge for this need. Yes, it starts in the brain.

    If you want to stop the pattern, modify your recent habits. Anything from the bed position in your room, the time you eat, what you eat and find something not harmful that you enjoy to fill your time with.

    Our mind likes repetitive things so pick a healthy hobby instead and do it for about three weeks and you will not succomb to this new pleasure.

    Hey, the hobby could be answering questions here.

    Good luck.

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    8 years ago

    Quit while its easy. So this way your healthy and dont have to worry about this self conflicting addiction question. Also telling people you quit cold turkey it makes you out to be a strong willed person

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