What major debates shaped the terms of the U.S. Constitution?

Hey i have a big history test tomorrow. Please help me because this is a study question and i really need the answer.

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    Federalism vs Anti-Federalism. Should the USA be a confederacy or nation?

    Representation in Congress. Small states more power or Large States more power? It was decided all states would have 2 senators, and at least 1 congressman or more depending on population.

    Slavery vs Abolition. It was decided slavery would be an issue left to the States, and they reached the 3/5ths compromise

    President or King? Hamilton and the Federalists actually wanted there to be a permanent King.

    A central bank or free banking? It was decided not to give congress the authority to have a central bank.

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    Honey...go on google and type in your question.Do some research.

    You will find the answer.

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    none the founding fathers were flawless demigods who agreed on anything

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