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Who do you think will make the playoffs, (NFL)?















NFC & AFC championships

NFC- Falcons beat Giants

AFC- Patriots beat Texans

Super Bowl- Falcons beat Patriots.

What do you think

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    Eagles and Lions won't make the playoffs....

    Jets and Chiefs won't make the playoffs.....

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    Neither the chiefs nor the jets will make it. I'd bet that the Miami Dolphins can be a sleeper team this year and make the playoffs. They may not come on top the afc east ( they could though). They can win the afc wildcard, their only leginamate challenger there is Pittsburg if they don't make it in first and possibly San Diego. Do u realize that the phones can face the pays 8-3 by the tame dec. 2 comes next 4 games: Indi, titans, buffalo, and Seattle. ;( all winnable games) Atlantans not going to the an and neither is ne. Either Houston, Denver, or Baltimore will beat them out. Or Miami could top the afc east and prevent them from going, just a thought. Oh and no way in heck are the eagles going to the playpffs

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    Texans at #3 seed!! what NFL you been watching they lead the AFC at 6-1 and probably will go 7-1 after beating the Bills... The NFC is impossible because the giants have the 3rd seed and the eagles have the 4th seed, that cannot happene due to them being in the same division

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    I'm not doing the seeds, just who I think will be in

    NFC-falcons, niners, packers, giants, bears, and hmmm really tough. Seahawks maybe

    Afc-texans, patriots, ravens, broncos, steelers, also tough cause honestly a lot of them suck. I don't even know

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  • Bear for Eagles, Jets wont make it, chiefs i dont see, but it could happen because the AFC is wide open.

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