Rank Spartacus, Gracchi, Marius, Sulla and Caesar?

Rank Spartacus, Gracchi, Marius, Sulla and Caesar in order according to their importance in the development of Rome. And tell why you chose the first one.

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    Caesar. He is the man who effectively ended the Republic, setting the stage for Octavian to officially begin the Imperial era of Rome.

    Sulla. His and Marius' civil wars set the stage for the later one between Pompey and Caesar. At the same time, he set an important example, ultimately retiring and stepping away from power. Had Caesar followed his example, the Republic might have endured.

    Marius. Major reforms to the Roman army, he loses rank to Sulla because unlike his rival, he could not let go of power before it killed him.

    Brothers Gracchi. Good efforts at reform, not enough, and they were killed before seeing through all the safeguards needed to preserve the Republic.

    Spartacus. A very successful, for a time, rebel, Spartacus definitely frightened the Romans badly. But ultimately, his rebellion ended as all other slave revolts did against Rome. He ended as a hero, but as a dead hero, and the people who followed him in life followed him into death

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    That is a question for you to answer. The materials are in Plutarch's "Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans." Read it, consider, and write your essay.

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