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Why is my pet cockatiel so angry and scared all of a sudden?

I got her about three months ago. She was so sweet, and you could pet her wherever. Last week I did not have time to take her out of the cage to play, so I didn't for a week. I'm guessing that's the problem. She now doesn't want me to touch her. She runs away when I try to touch her, and she bites me when I do. How do I make her not scared and friendly again, and how many times a week should I take her out of her cage for this to not happen again?


please answer

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    I have pet cockatiels too! Like you said, she is probably reacting like that because for a whole week, you didn't take her out to play. Cockatiels need love and affection from you almost all the time. And if for a week you didn't give her that love and affection, she probably got mad at you for that. To change her, it might take time, but every day remember to take her out to play. No matter what, if she bites, runs away, or whatever, never shout/yell at her. No matter what she does, always talk in a calm and nice voice. After you giving her love and affection every day, she will start to change. Remember all pets need love and affection and can never be forgotten.

    Hope I helped :)

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    Try taking her to the vet she can be suffering something internally possibly having some type of self inflicted injury... Or just keep attempting to spend more time with her could be she doesn't remember you maybe I'm not really sure I just love animals and if ur place isn't hunted that's what I think could help... Also try giving some really good treats to get on her good side:)

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    place your arms outdoors the cage and whistle and refer to her. Mine gets p!ssy with me from time to time yet warms up when I whistle the familar tunes he likes. Mine wolf whistles (that's definitely relaxing while all of us is sounds like a guy or woman). I whistled the music we could all sing like the birdies sing on the laptop and performed it in a loop for 2 days on a similar time as out of the abode...He sings that too and when I do, he calms down.

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