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Becky asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 8 years ago

Do you think that the news media is playing up the Hurricain?

in a sensationalist manner that could be detrimental or Obama or Romney? What is you take on the hype? What if this turns out to NOT be the "monster" storm they have predicted? Will the news mogules have caused an affect on the Presidential Election using the storm as an excuse to supress voter turnout?


Bad keyboard here, thus the typo's...sorry.

Update 2:

Great responses...but you realize with so much propaganda hype, poor to non-existent professionalism in journalism, sensationalism, "reality tv" type news reporting - you can't fault my deep suspicions. Other storms have been overplayed in recent years.

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    they play up everything but then they are just doing their job which is selling the news the more you play it up and the more sensational the news is the more people will read their papers and view their tv stations and there is nothing we can do or say because all of it is under the mantle of freedom of speech what a load of bullshit they can and do cause heart attacks cause suicides terrorise people frighten children and people with learning problems and difficulties cause people to spend money on false protection of their homes invent rumours ruin peoples lives and marriages all in the name of freedom of the press they have even caused deaths of people like the death of princess diane and completely destroy someones life or career on facts that turn out to be untrue but then it is to late for the victim freedom of the press YEAH OK.

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    8 years ago

    The eye of the hurricane is still off the coast of New Jersey south of Atlantic City.

    I'm all the way up in Canada and we're getting wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy:

    Link -

    It's absolutely the monster storm people say it is.

    As for how it's impacting the election, Obama and Romney have suspended campaigning because of the storm.

    So the only detriment is to their campaigns not being able to convince US voters and get coverage of it from the US media.

  • 8 years ago

    The news plays up EVERTHING

    But it doesnt mean its not true.

    Sandy may only b a cat 1 hurricane but because its hitting such a populated area, and not to mention that its HUGE and can bring alot of rain. and winds- making it really dangerous.

    Of course the news channels love this type of weather- it keeps people watching their channels.

    Basically yes they hype up everything but when theyre saying "evacuate" I would at least take them seriously- even if u do stay in town and try to champ it out.

  • 8 years ago

    Well, you have a choice. Would you prefer that they keep the dangers of this

    once in a lifetime storm a secret and have hundreds of people drown?

    In fact, our news media do a fine job of alerting us to weather-related dangers.

    Try not to attack them every time something goes wrong. In the old days a king

    would often murder anyone who brought him bad news. That was called "killing

    the messenger".

    Don't do that.

    By the way, "media"" is the plural of "medium". You don't say, "The media is..."

    You say, "The media are...". You're welcome.

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    4 years ago

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    I actually think so.

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