What to do if you lose power 2012?

Hey everyone! I'm currently surviving Hurricane Sandy's beginning, and the winds are already up to 45 mph. We have been losing electricity on and off, so I was wondering what I could do for fun during the power outage. Thanks everyone (in advance)!


I already know about reading and writing, so anything else, as those are already on my list ;)

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    8 years ago
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    Probably not interesting, but reading a book about jungle survival, where you actually have nothing but what surrounds you. My wife and I have to survive 48 days with out electricity because we had an electric bill that was too high. Lucky for us we go camping a lot and had camping gear. Electric wise I bought a 150 watt inverter for the car so we could at least plug in one lamp for lights up to two hours before I had to start the car and charge the battery back up. We also burnt a lot of candles and stayed warm with more blankets. We use three different barbecue grills that use charcoal for cooking and heating up water. I imagine fun would be what every you find fun that doesn't require the convinces of a home. We all manage if we set our minds to do it. I wish you the best.

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