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Help with Algebra 2?!?

Alright so I don't plan on going into a career that involves math(I plan on working in fine arts). I am currently failing my algebra 2 class and my teacher wants me out and put into a 2 year course of it. I can't do that though. Not only would it be torture for me to take another year of it( I plan on taking a math credit class my senior year that involves art) but my parents don't wan me to as we'll. they don't mind if I am not doing well, they jut want me to pass the class. Now I'm not saying I won't try to work hard, I already do. I've don't tutoring, study hours with it, and just about everything else. I still fail my tests, mainly for stupid mistakes I make on my tests, I get anxieties when I take math tests. So what I am asking is how do I pass the class, and is it possible for someone to maybe I am just not capable to learn algebra 2?? Is it too difficult? Math has always been a hard subject for me, but never like this.

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I am I my junior year in high school

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    Nothing is ever too difficult. It might be kind of challenging,but if you put your mind to it, you can do it or what not.

    For math if you get anxiety on tests, inhale and exhale deeply, that should calm you down a bit and make you feel more relaxed.

    Maybe you should tell your teacher or someone close to you that you experience that because they might be able to help you.

    If you make stupid mistakes on tests, then check your work over again before you hand it in.

    You should look at these sites:

    Everyone is capable to learn Algebra 2, if you keep telling yourself that maybe you aren't cut out for it, then nothing good will come out of it. Everyone has potential to learn math, all that it really depends on is the effort is put into it.

    I wish you the best! :)

    When you go to tutoring, does it actually help you? Do you understand what they say?

    For some people, tutoring doesn't help and it might be how the tutor is teaching it.

    You should ask your teacher what you can do to get better in Algebra 2. I don't get why she wants you out, if you are actually trying and putting effort to understand it better.

    You can also study from the textbook and other stuff. I think that if you start thinking that math isn't torture , then you might understand it more somewhat because when you don't like something you aren't motivated to learn it. :/

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