arrow flight trouble?!?!?!?!?

okay so i have three victory archery arrows my sights are sighted in with field tips and now i just put on some team realtree gold broadheads. i have one arrow that has standard fletchings on them, and the other two have quickfletch twisters on them. the standard is flying about 4 inches below the 3d deer and the other two quickfletch are flying around the spine at thirty yards. i just don't get how people sight in their bows so easily. i'm thirteen and know exactly what i'm doing but just don't get why it's not working. Can somebody please help me i'm going bow hunting in a few days so contact as fast as possible. THANKS

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  • 8 years ago
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    First off your arrows need to be fletched all the same .Archery success is all about three things . 1. consistant 2. consistant 3. consistant. In most cases you have to readjust your sites to broadheads because very few will fly the same as field points.

    Source(s): Illinois State certified archery instructor, 22 yrs bowhunting experiance
  • dumdum
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    8 years ago

    As stated by a poster, the arrows must be uniform.......use the same fletching on each arrow you are hunting with...and set your sights with that particular setup. ..Good luck.

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