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how to put your kitten in a new bed?

Hi i've just gotten a kitten and it's was more troubling then i thought and when i bought the kitten the lady told me to put the kitten in just 1 room so it get's use to everything so i decided to put it in my room because i thought i look after it at night. Now it wouldn't stop meowing/crying every time i leave the room even when the door is open he still doesn't go outside and just continues on crying/meowing. I don't think i can take this anymore because i only had 3 hours or sleep because he just won't stop! but leaving him alone makes it even worst so now he sleeps beside me on my bed and i don't really like it and i want him to sleep in his new bed and i don't know how to make him do that. Any tips? of both my problems :S also another thing is that he's being stressed and every time he eats his food he throws up again and it's making me worry.


now he's just not eating but everything else is good

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    this is normal kitten behavour. i put my kitten in the bathroom and closed the door. he stayed in there night and day. he meowed like crazy but then as he got older he stopped. i just had to make sure i went in there evry now and then to check on him and give him some attention (pat, play, ect) you have to learn to ignor the meowing and relise that its not because he is hurt but because he is in a new place away from his mother.

    one thing the i have learnt is that you can not force cats onto a bed. i put my cat on a new bed i bort it so i would get used to it and all it did was made my cat hate it. i then tryed adifferent meathod with something else and it worked. put treats on it every now and then. you need to make the cat get usedto it in its own time. after a while dont put any more on it and the cat should go to its bed knowing that it is safe.

    try a different brand of food or a different flavour. if this doesnt work it is best to talk to your vet for more information and tips. (they will have a even better idea than i do).

    hope this helps

    good luck

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    Your kitten is probably very nervous as its throwing up every time it eats. And it wants to be with you all the time which is another sign of nervousness. Take it to see a vet and see what they say. Don't worry too much as you will be getting professional advice from a vet. If your cat is nervous then it won't want to be away from you. Try putting a cat basket by your bed and see if it will sleep there as it is near you. Ask the vet and see what they say, and you and your new kitten should be OK :-)

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    A recommendation I saw in a cat care book was to put a ticking clock under the blanket in the kitten's bed because the ticking reminds him/her of their mother's heartbeat. Don't forget that this poor kitten is still getting used to not having his mother, brothers and sisters near him for warmth and companionship so he's finding it hard to adjust. It might be a bit early to let him go outdoors if he's very young. Be patient with him and bring him to the vet if you're worried that he's ill.

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