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Marriage at a young age, Bad idea?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 2 years now, and we were talking about marriage recently and I was wondering if getting married at a young age is a bad idea. He is currently in college as am I, he is 20, i'm 21. Would getting married be a bad idea?

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    Well it's a matter of you listening to us that counts. Will you? Probably not. I didn't I married at 19 and divorced like 90% of the people on here. If you read any of the posts on here most people do find out going to college and getting married don't work well. College needs to have your full attention and it won't happen being newly married. College costs money so the financial end of this hurts a newly married couple. Money and children cause the most divorces. Planning with the kids is key. You can do that with birth control pills which can be had for only $9 bucks a month so you have no excuse there.

    Your 20's need to be a ME period in your life. Meaning finishing up school and getting a job or career started up. What good are either of you to each other if you don't have a foundation set in place? It's like building a home on sand if you get married during college in your early 20's.

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    You are too young and still studying, trust me sweety life after college is much more difficult as you think it is - what more about getting married.

    Are you ready to give up your social life if your husband is not liking it? Are you ready to sleep late night whenever your husband is coming home from his friends? Are you ready to stay awake calculating all the bills you need to pay? Are you ready when time comes that your priority needs to change and you cannot do something about it?

    It seems to be overwhelming but it's the reality & it sucks. Unless you are emotionally, physically & financially prepared, WAIT.

    There's plenty of time to get married. First, get a job after you graduate and enjoy your earnings. There's a lot of things to consider in getting married more than being inlove. You should be prepared in a lifetime commitment. It is not something that you can just escape every time you wanna have some space from him, it's not a kind of relationship that you can call it "cool-off" whenever you are fighting.

    Good marriage is not a result of love. LOVE is a result of a good marriage that comes along with full commitment and respect to your partner.

    My advice, enjoy your life at the most being single.. Buy the things you want, earn money, go to places you have never been to with him or with friends. Explore life. Don't rush. Because the time you get married you cannot enjoy to the maximum all these things - as you need to think on how to save your money for the family especially when you have already a baby.

    Married life is not easy and I dont think somebody will promise it will be..

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    It would be poor choice at this point. Not good. Not bad. Just poor. At this point you are legal. No problems there. Generally though, you are both at that in between point in your adult development. So much is going to be "moving and shaking" in the next few years throwing the commitment and seriousness of marriage on top of that will do no favors to either of you.

    That being said, my husband and I got married at 22. My husband was brought up with the very staunch idea that dating leads to marriage and you don't p*ssy foot around. Either they are or are not your future spouse. If the are not, break up now. If they are, then get married now. So he was ready for marriage because he had been groomed for it from childhood. I on the other hand had just lived a very full life prior to marriage and at 22 was actually ready for it.

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    yes to get married to young is always a mistake. Till your old enough to have figured out what you want out of your life ,have goals you like to accomplish , and the ways you plan to do is is always a mistake .. people when young are still changing .. what you want at 18-20 you may not at 26-30. People need have to have there own life in control before they join it with another .Never be in a rush to get married or have children as it often ends in a mistakes that hurt themselves and maybe others as well .. so take you time and think things though.

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    Not at all. I was 20 and my wife was 19 when I asked her to marry me. I knew her since her freshman year so about 5 years or so dated for a little while and bam got hitched. We've only been married for a year and a half, bought our first house, have 2 dogs and couldn't be happier

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    In general, I think so. That doens't mean it can't work for some people though.

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