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Chances of being pregnant?

I am on both control and take it everyday usually within two hours. Someday I take it three hours late. My bf and I also use the pullout method. I'm done this months lack of bc but I am not feeling like I'm getting my period. I stopped the pills 2 days a go and still no signs. And don't say take a test. What are my chances

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    Now dont freak out. My friend racheal was on the pill and the shot for quite some time. She got pregnant of the pill twice and once on the shot. NOTHING is going to guarantee you dont. But, another thing is after stopping the pill can mess up the regulation with your period. I took a pill for awhile and stopped taking it and i got it at random times for awhile. It finally did regulate though. If you are feeling like you should be getting it or missed it, pregnancy isnt the only thing that could be doing it. But if you do think you are i would wait at least six weeks after you think you may have concieved. Alot of test dont predict it that early. I know it sucks waiting. But if you also think you might be and you put the thought into your head too much your body will stress yourself out and make you think you are. So dont panic. Also dont try the emergency room unless you start getting more severe signs that it may not be pregnancy but other complications. Why? Their test cost a million dollars. Mine was 600 bucks the first time i had one. The second time i bought a dollar test and it worked. Even my health dept used a store test. There are alot of different things that say your pregnant. Ill leave you a link to a good site i know. It gives you a hundred different ways and symptoms from many experienced mothers. Read more than one and dont put it in your head too much. It could be anything. If you have any questions let me know.

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