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Foal predictions and names?

I have a chestnut tobiano quarter horse mare. She's got arab and a bit of thoroughbred as well (bloodlines to Secretariat and Man o' War). I wanted to breed her to a palomino quarter horse stallion but I am not sure what color I would get. Any ideas?

Here are pics of both my mare and the stallion.



The stallion's name is Shining Skipper and my mare is named Destined To B Gold. Any name suggestions for a colt or filly if my mare was bred to this stallion?

Thanks :)

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    Breed her to a palomino and there's a 50% chance you'll have a red skewbald and a 50% chance you'll have a palomino skewbald.

    If you breed her to a cremello, you would be GUARANTEED a Palomino skewbald

    Shining Destiny

    Skipper's Son

    Gold Star

    Glitter Girl

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    I am not a big horse breeder, nor do I know genetics, but I think the breeding may result in a Palomino, Paint, or Cremello foal. As for names I am not all that good at comming up with them, but I like Shining Destiny! I would say though, in my opinion I would not breed her as there are already so many unwanted foals and horses that end up in a slaughter house.


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    If you know the genetics you can use this color calculator.As for names

    Destined to Shine

    Destined Skipper

    Shining Gold

    Destined To Skip

    Golden Skipper

    Skipping To B Gold

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    I am sure you love your mare very much but I personally would not be breeding her at all. To put it nicely, she just isn't put together all that well.

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