what proof a girl can show to a boy so that the boy forced to trust that the girl is married in case she not.?

there is a boy who promised a girl to marry...but the boy didnt married the girl.after three years the boy met the girl with his wife and a child...the boy asked the girl did u gt married or not...the girl said yes ....the boy asked show me a proof...what proof the girl shwd to the boy so that the boy instantly trusted the girl..but as per the boy and his media the girl didnt married ...but what the proof the girl showed 2 the boy he was forced to believe that the gurl gt married...but she werent....(THIS QUESTION WAS ASKED BY ONE OF MY FRIEND BUT I CANT GET THE ANSWER..)

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  • 8 years ago
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    the boy married someone else and has a child. then runs into the other girl from his past and insisted she show him proof that she did marry someone else? that doesnt make sense! what bizness is it of his if she married someone else or not? hes married to someone else so let the past girl alone!

  • 8 years ago

    This "paragraph" makes me want to stab myself in the brain with a screwdriver.

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    Wtf did I just read???? 0.0

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