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Advice on talking to this guy? Please answer, easy 10 points?

I'm a junior and my friend has this boyfriend, who's a year below us. He's really immature and does stupid things and is annoying, but he doesn't act that way with her. Since I'm more quiet and a bit shy I don't really talk to him, I tried to ignore him because of how he acts, but I'm getting to know him a bit more and joke with him sometimes. He has this guy friend, I think he's a freshmen or 10th but I'm not sure, he's always with the guy. He acts dumb and immature too, and I don't care for him.

I also have study hall with both of the guys.

The guy has reapetdly told me his name and tried to shake my hand when my friend's boyfriend teased me/said something dumb to me. I just look at him and try to ignore him. Today he sat beside me in study hall and my friend's boyfriend sat in front of him. My friend's boyfriend asked me why I never talked anymore and I shrugged, not wanting to talk since it was the last class and I had work to do. He said something else about a friend we have than the othet guy told me his name again and put his hand out. I was like "Eh'' and looked the other way awkwardly. My friend's boyfriend told him I hug instead of hand shake. So, they both opened their arms like they were going to hug me. I was like "uhh" and looked around awkwardly.

Than a few minutes later when I started working on homework the guy put a note on my desk asking why I never talked. I didn't know what to do so I just ignored it and kept working. Than near the end of the class he puts another note on my desk but I didn't even read it. I felt awkward and didn't know what to do. I left the notes on the desk when I left too and the guy didn't say anything to me.

How can I not feel so awkward around those guys?

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    Make a weird face. Whenever I walk and see someone awkward or I feel awkward around, I poof out my cheeks. It's sort of a playful thing to not feel awkward. Then, all you need is a conversation starter, like nice shoes, how do I do this problem, or is this right? Good luck!

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    8 years ago

    I used to be shy, now i'm loud! Stop being shy you will miss so many good chances!! Just start with small talk, like your hobbies and instrests. Just try to be more confident he wants to talk!

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    You shud be like " you guys r awkward. If u weremt so awkward I'd actually talk to u. I don't say anything cuz it's not worth it" be confident!

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    8 years ago

    Try being nice to them i guess

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  • 8 years ago

    Avoid them or tell them how you feel

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