This is REALLY BAD he has a gf :/ its just not fair i've had a crush on him for 6weeks! this sucks how do i get him! i just so shy around him.. WE NEVER EVER TALKED NOT ONCE.. i always chump out. but i love hearing his voice :) i can talk to his friend sitting right next to him but not him HELP I NEED HIM! ok... i sound kinda crazy lol but i just really like this guy i've never gotten nervous over talking to any one like this

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    well you dont want to be a boyfriend stealer.. :/ im having the same problem and what im trying to do is just be good friends with him. whenever he says something he doesnt like about his gf, become the opposite, but dont change too much.. you dont want him to like you for what he thinks youre like. and do *not* say anything bad about his gf. he might take it offensively and dislike you. eventually tell him how youre feeling though and he will make a decision but its a difficult situation... you might have to wait it out and see if they break up. idk how old you are but you seem like your in 6th grade? his relationship shouldnt last too long

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