Can I keep a Firearm at my grandparent's house, even if they say no?

If you clicked this question in a hope to call me a crazy law-breaker and have me arrested, then sorry, I'm not keeping any there. The question is one of constitutional value; I.E. Do I LOSE my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms if I'm not allowed to keep my guns ANYWHERE due to concealed carry (in-vehicle and out of) laws as well as my grandparents and everyone else I know, saying I can't keep my guns at their houses. I was recently forced to sell all of my guns for precisely that reason and I'm feeling kind of angry that my grandparents are allowed to tell me that I can't keep my firearms at their house. I need an answer, hopefully from someone who has LEGAL AUTHORITY to adjudicate this issue, because all circumstances considered, I really do feel as if my 2nd Amendment rights are being taken away. I'm sorry if some of you think I'm over-reacting or being retarded, but how many of you out there have ever been as ****** as I am now? My car is falling apart, I don't own or rent my own place (thus, needing a place to keep my guns, and not being able to) so...Yeah, whether it was intentional or not, even illegal, my 2nd amendment rights have been taken away from me, as I perceive. Somebody help me. Please.


To answer further inquiries I'm 21, as for anything else, its in the details. I don't wanna be disrespectful or come off as being crass or ignorant.

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  • lcr000
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    8 years ago
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    your grandparents have the right set by the Constitution to say what they want and do not want in their house you cant force them to keep a gun in the house if they dont want guns in the house.

    The same as when I visit my friend she has a thing about guns and doesn't want them in her house so I leave mine in the car.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you're not OVER the age of 18, you have NO Constitutional Rights as a minor.

    Otherwise, the 2nd Amendment does not cover you keeping them somewhere where the property owner doesn't want them on the premises.

    And their rights as property owners would supersede your own rights anyway.

    Your "other" issues are personal problems, and yours to deal with.

    And if you're so broke you can't afford your own place, then you're too broke to have guns.

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    8 years ago

    You can, but then again your grandparent's don't have to let you stay there. Unless of course your under 18 and they are your legal guardians. In that case you shouldn't have your own firearms.

    I am very pro-2nd amendment but you shouldn't own firearms if you can't support yourself or you can't respect your grandparents.

  • 8 years ago

    Your rights give you no privilege to violate the rights of others. Your grandparents are simply exercising their property rights.

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