Malnutrition, Thailand. Homework Help?

Hey guys. I'm doing a project on Thailand. please answer the questions below (or at least try) and give a reliable source.

a. Why is malnutrition important for Thailand to address?

b. Why does Thailand care about malnutrition? You should use statistics/data to emphasize.

c. How has Thailand been affected by malnutrition? – need at least 2 ways, and be able to write about each, don’t just list them down

d. How has Thailand tried to solve malnutrition within own country? Don’t just list, but write details about this.

e. How has Thailand tried to work with other countries/groups/organizations to solve malnutrition? Any treaties signed or conventions attended to solve issue? Don’t just list, but write details about this.

f. What are at least 2 recommended solutions that Thailand would like this UN group to agree to solve problem (if not in research, then using what you know about Thailand, malnutrition, etc, what would be some reasonable solutions that you can think of?)

10 points!!!

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    8 years ago
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    This is not helping you with your project. This is doing your project for you. Your lazy. Instead of asking questions do some research using a search engine and stop chatting with friends and being on your face book. How the hell are you going to learn anything this way.

    anyway Thailand does not have a problem with Malnutrition because people can eat plenty of fruits and veggies here, it grows all over the place. No one goes hungry because everyone in the village takes care of each other.

    Source(s): me, living in Thailand
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