How to begin a new teacher interview journalism paper?

I have a journalism paper due soon and I decided to make it about my new fashion design teacher, Mrs. Petrosky. I know what to write and everything but I'm not sure how to start it. I need something that will grab the attention on the reader. :). Tell me what you would write if it was your paper lol


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  • 8 years ago
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    How is anyone supposed to answer that question when you didn't provide any of the necessary information - who she is, what she designs, etc.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you ought to write letters to the editor on your community papers on concerns of magnitude to you, making particular you study the information thoroughly, so which you will furnish a cognizant physique of suggestions. study books by potential of newshounds, Peter Jennings, Dan particularly, Ted Koppel, Helen Thomas, Lesley Stahl approximately how they grew to alter into newshounds and what they did. hire solid night and solid fulfillment approximately Edward R. Murrow, that's a action image starring George Clooney, then there is the Insider touching directly to the tobacco marketplace and CBS suggestions. community and all of the president's men are solid movies to hire and all of the President's men is a huge e book to verify Watergate. initiate up analyzing William F. Buckley's books or magazines like the national assessment, Harper's Time , Newsweek. locate out approximately diverse international places like Canada , Mexico, large Britain, China Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, North and South Korea. you ought to hunt for for information from there of their newspapers or watch those international places' suggestions courses on your laptop. initiate up researching a 2nd, 0.33 or fourth language which will earnings you as you're taking journalism training, whether important in something else besides journalism- historic past, politics, corporation business enterprise, sciences, economics, bio-ethics, wellbeing study, form , entertainment through reality as a youthful journalist you will conceal all of those factors and larger. discover ways to place in writing acceptable and communicate so the classic Joe and Jane on your fatherland can comprehend it. publish to in suggestions you are the " instructor" jointly because it is composed of whether factors you conceal. Get rather familiar with the U. S. shape and what each and every and each ammendment potential . Take a leaf from the previous due Tim Russert's life, do your study, ask difficult questions, do not do gotcha journalism the placement there is an obvious partianship. yet additionally be form , genial, have authenticity and integrity as quickly as you interview human beings . as quickly as you get into college connect the school newspaper or the school radio station, learn there'll show you plenty.

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