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The power went off and so as my wii. Why won't my wii turn back on?

So the power shut off about a day ago. And that effected my wii too. My wii isn't showing a red or green light, on the power button. It's not showing a color at all. Is my wii destoryed or what? How can I get it to work again?


By The way, I've tried unpluging it, pressing the power button on my wii remote, holding the power button, everything. That doesn't seem to work.

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    Check the socket is still good, check the plug and fuse on the wii.

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    This happened to me too! I was so angry because I thought the Wii was completely broken, so I just unplugged it altogether. Some while later, my older cousin wanted to play it and plugged it in. Just like that, the light came back on! Later on, the same problem occurred with my friend's Wii and I told her to do the same and her Wii is working again too, so it wasn't just dumb luck.

    Here's what you do, unplug your Wii's power cord from it's wall socket. Leave it unplugged for at least 24 HOURS. It's very important. As soon as you plug it in the next day, the little red light on the power button should come back on! Viola!

    I hope this works for you like it did for me and my friend!

    Source(s): A thunderstorm passed and turned off my power, and this fixed my Wii right up!
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