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Why will my VW bug not start after hitting a recap and running hot?

I hit a recap on the interstate and it ran hot, now that I have replaced all the parts it still will not crank. HELP!! What is wrong with my car?


Is there any relay switches or safety switches on this car?

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    Running a car hot will kill the engine. Depending on how far and how hot you drive it, it might be OK or it might be dead forever. Running over a piece of tire won't make a car run hot, but if the chunk of tire flew up and popped the belt which runs the cooling fan, that could account for it. Old bugs were air cooled, so you couldn't have leaked coolant -- there isn't any. Get a fresh battery and set of jumpers, and try to jump it. If it starts OK, you need at least a battery charge; maybe a battery or alternator.

    If it won't jump, I'd suggest next you find a fair mechanic. This is gonna take more help than you can give it.

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    It is annoying that you did not tell us what got hit, what parts you replaced, why you ran it hot, how long you ran it hot, if the battery is good, what year it is 1954 or 2012, if there was water in the oil, etc.?

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