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How does a woman live after the death of her husband if she has no income and has never worked?

has never worked

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    You get a job.

    Also hopefully he took out insurance and mortgage protection.

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    This is why, while it is important to be able to rely on your spouse it is just as important to know how to support and look after yourself.

    In my work I see lots of women who have no idea how to handle money/bill paying and have no idea of their financial situation because "Hubby used to do all that", and men who can't cook/clean or shop because the "Missus used to do all that".

    It is a good idea for BOTH of a couple to be intimately aware of what and how the other contributes to the relationship, and how to handle things if they aren't around.

    Assuming the other should take sole responsibilty for any one part means that they are at risk should the other pass on.

    Having said all that there is help out there. The place to start would problably with the ones handling the deceased estate, and then Social Security. Here there is a payment available to anyone who has lost a spouse as an emergency payment, and pensions available too, depending on the age of the surviving spouse. There is also help finding employment - job search and training, help with resumes etc.

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    Depending on her age and situation, she can either get a job, rely on friends/family for help, or apply for assistance for the government. If her husband had a job, he likely had SS benefits, which she is possibly entitled to receive. Certain causes of death may have an insurance benefit which can be invested to provide an income.

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    If you're in the U.S. you can contact the social security office or visit their website to see if you qualify for survivor benefits. You might also want to take some courses at your local community college to learn some work skills. It may help you to get a job. Unless you're disabled, there's no getting around having to work for your living. Good luck to you. I can't imagine what a difficult time you must be having. I wish you all the best.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Money from the government. And learn to get a job.

  • 8 years ago

    If she has no family or friends she goes to a womens shelter, from there she finds a job.

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    get a government handout or find a job

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    I hope he had the foresight to leave something behind for her.

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