Don't you just wish the referees would just let the game flow and not ruin it all the time?

Sick of hearing the same lame excuse every fvcking time about how hard its to be a ref and blah blah blah get things right blah blah blah like its the toughest job in the world etc do your fvcking job properly for once for god sake is it so fvcking damn hard!? (assuming that manu did not buy the ref which we know they did)

It was alright up till the Torres sending off and offside winner goal against 9 men.

I mean its cool to give free kicks and/or a yellow card when its a foul and red card when you take down the last man, but when you give a sending off for someone who got fouled and a offside goal while another player didn't get his onside goal in another match (Suarez) then that's complete bullshitt because we all know rules doesn't apply to anyone who plays manu.

Rant over.

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    The people who say United buy referees and and that Fergie sleeps with referees/runs the FA ought to give themselves 10 tight slaps.

    (sits back and waits for TDs to rain)

  • 8 years ago

    "assuming that manu did not buy the ref which we know they did" haha someone just showed his maturity.

    I have no idea why you're mentioning the Liverpool game in this. Your sense of logic is honestly idiotic. Why can't I bring up that Drogba scored an offside goal against United a couple of years back? I know Macheda also scored a goal which was directed in by his arm, but the nonetheless you honestly can't be so thick to realise that offside goals FREQUENTLY happen! It's not a conspiricy, the refs aren't brought by United and it's not the world against Chelsea. It's football, you must be a kid or someone who hasn't followed the game for much time if haven't figured this out yet.

    Yes I get the Torres yellow card was stupid too. But he probably should've seen red for the first foul which was almost a neck high boot that took Cleverly out. He had no control in the challenge and was lucky he got yellow. Regardless, the second decision was wrong, but so was the first.

    I'm not saying Chelsea were hard done by, because they were and that's unlucky. But the amount of moaning going on is ridiculous, not to mention the "allegations".

  • 8 years ago

    Coming from an Arsenal fan....

    I have to say i think the ref was spot on with the Torres sending off, but the Ivanovic red card was horrendous! Ashley Young should get an Oscar for that display! Hernandez was blatantly offside!

    Other than that the ref did have a bit of a **** one! van Persie is now making elbowing a centre back a weekly occurrence since leaving Arsenal.

    All of this is just showing everyone that all the refs - home or away favor - man u in the english league! Its an absolute joke! And then when someone raises the issue they get a fine or a touchline ban! Its total BS!!!

    Other than that refs do need to sort it out! Goal line tech definitely needs to be introduced and there needs to be a replay system that allows managers to challenge the refs call with the chance of it getting overturned like in EVERY OTHER ******* SPORT IN THE WORLD!!!

    FIFA and the FA really need to get their act together, and also definitely need to investigate into Man U and the refs!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Emily since when were all these man united fans saying we deserved the win fair and square??? I guarantee you no Man United fan said that and also Ivanovic's red card was the right decision. He fouled ashley young the last man and stopped a goal scoring opportunity. It wasn't his fault but he still made contact with young. He should have been more careful and like I said before. Torres second booking was ridiculous but he was kind of lucky not to be sent off for the Kung Fu kick on cleverly??? And also what about David luiz's blatant handball???. Decisions went both ways but more in favour for United. I agree but that's the refs fault for making stupid decisions. Don't make stupid comments by saying ferguson paid the referee. Also it was hard for the linesman to see chicarito's offside goal because Cech was in the way and the speed of that play was too fast for the linesman to spot it and the referee didn't have a clear view of it so now you can see why chicarito's goal wasn't given offside.

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  • 8 years ago

    Completely agree with you, all these Man U fans saying they won fair and square are deluded! Its not the fact that chelsea lost, but the way they did - unfairly. Its only when you watch the premier league for a number of years that you realise how much help Man U get from officals, i bet that they wouldn't win half as many games if it wasnt for bias refs.

    Why Torres was sent of was beyond me and I personally think the red card to Ivanovic was harsh as well. As for the offside goal - well it completely ruined the game. No hope, it's not fair with 9 v 11, it's not football let alone premier league standards.

    Generally it does get really annoying when the whistle is constantly being blown, fair enough a red card for full on violence etc. but the fans pay good money to watch football. Not stoppages and unfair advantages being played. And the fact that the rules never apply to man u just adds to the frustration.

    Source(s): Chelsea fan - was at the game BTW like your username, so true
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    8 years ago

    If you want to have an independent investigation into FA conduct and alleged match fixing them by all means please do so. Get in touch with your club and request it, start a petition, get in touch with you MP e.t.c. otherwise stop making baseless accusations.

    Bad refereeing is not the cast iron case of corruption you seem to think it is. Surely if the officials were so desperate to reduce Chelsea to 9 men he could have given Torres a straight red for a high tackle on Cleverly or if they were so desperate for United to win the game given a penalty for a David Luiz hand ball. Both decisions would have been much easier to give and justify had the game been rigged like you seem to believe.

  • 4 years ago

    devoid of referees, there may be no video games! Do you think of the gamers could alter the video games themselves?? perchance it rather is greater elementary to ask if undesirable referees are ruining the game. they're human and that all of them make errors, yet while a similar refs (Phil Dowd) make a similar errors persistently returned, they're undesirable refs.

  • 8 years ago

    the refs are bad especially mark clattenburg.

    I think FA should make a robot ref and he will get every decision correct.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    He did do hes job right tho

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