Your thoughts on pink floyd the wall?

Not the album- the movie. I just watched it. Very twisted yet clever and i liked it. It was really weird though. I love pink floyd!

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    8 years ago
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    The wall is a masterpiece. It is Roger Waters' own explanation of his feeling towards his fans, and how he felt more and more detached from them. By the way, Comfortably Numb is not about being stoned as most think. At one point during the Animals tour Roger got some sort of a virus. He got a fever, and had those strange feelings like when you were a kid with a high fever (My hands felt just like two balloons). His doctor gave him some medicine (that'll keep you going for the show) that actually made things worse. Later as he reflected on the nighmare he just went through, the song came to him. Pink Floyd was on a dark path in the late 70's until their breakup in the early 80's. In listening to recent interviews with Roger, I think he now wishes he would have done things a bit differently. The Wall Tour this year was incredible. They actually played part of the show behind a 30 foot tall wall, completely separated from the audience.

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    i'm no longer thoroughly beneficial what the story in the back of it rather is, yet i examine the Waters father did die in a war, climate or no longer it became WWII im uncertain. additionally i think of it rather is loosely in keeping with Syd Barrett's life. i'm merely approximately thoroughly beneficial its no longer based on the Berlin wall. Its a go reference between The Society in England and maximum of Europe and the life off the greater youthful human beings laid low with the war, which includes Waters and Barret. The Wall symbolizes each and all the flaws that attempted to guard him from each little thing, which interior the tip bring about his destroy down as he became trapped in the back of the "wall". it rather is been i on a similar time as on condition that i've got seen the action picture, yet i hear to the album on my Ipod lots, so i would be a sprint off. wish it helps

  • 8 years ago

    One of the best and deeper than most realize.

    It's the deconstruction of one a man's psyche with all of his angst and insecurities hidden behind carefully constructed mental defenses (the wall) over his lifetime. A mental break makes him face his worst fear ever at the climax "To be exposed before your peers!"

    It is a brilliant story that relates to us all, too bad it took me 30 years to realize it, we are all banging our heads against some "other" mad buggers wall.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i like the part when he finds his pet sewer rat

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  • i have not seen the movie ' but thier music is great *

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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