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omg i need help asap?

ok so like i was at the dentist and my new dentist is sooooo hot and my bf is like ohhh he is some hot stuff and then a few days later he went out and came home at around 5 in the morning. is he cheating???????????? i was talking to my fat dog and he said he is. i need hell opps i mean help.

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    This can only be answered if he has a long record of not answering where's been or not picking up his phone, coupled with half lies and etc. He is probably not cheating with your dentist.

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    dafuq did i read trolololoolololo u talk to your fat dog ? haha and he tlked back? omg ... and what really had me life what d hell was wen u said "i need hell opps i mean help" what the hell...u did dat on purpose.smh sadmentz

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    no, you don't need help

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