Curious about sex for the first time?

I'm not ready to have sex for the first time I'm still a little curious.

Some of my other friends aren't virgins and the stories they tell me out me off a little.

For example, 2 of them said it was the most painful thing they've ever done so does that mean it usually hurts a lot?

Others said the bled a lot afterwards and that makes me worry it will happen to me as well as wanting to know does it always happen like that?

And again others said that they bled when they got poked off a guy and to e honest all the stories I've been hearing about it throws me off a little especially the blood part.

But I heard if you so sports like running, swimming and gymnastics it may not hurt/bleed as much and I did swimming for about 10 years until last year so does that mean it might not be as bad?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Every girl is different. My first time, it did hurt and it bled a lot. But the bleeding stopped quickly and the pain was a good one. I realized the only reason it hurt me was because I was tense. You just have to relax... getting through the first time is not that hard honestly. Using tampons, being in sports, exercising, etc does help. Also, if you masturbate, using two fingers stretches you out (you may have to use lube the first week or so) and makes your first time a lot easier.

  • The bleeding should occur only from breaking of the hymen, and breaking of the hymen might have taken place years ago, when you were very young -- athletic activity often takes care of this. If you're afraid of the bleeding and pain of rupturing the hymen, see your ob/gyn, and ask her or him to surgically take care of this for you. If there's bleeding other than hymen rupture, it's from abrasion, which means insuffficient lubrication. If you are sexually aroused, your body should produce natural lubrication, but it we're talking about youngish guys, they may not wait till this happens. Be sure to use plenty of store bought lubricant, and if your guy is a man, he'll respect your fragile condition, and the joy will far outweigh the discomfort.

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    When it is time, there are lot of things you and your partner can do to make it more likely that it will be enjoyable and not painful. The article at Scarleteen in the link below has a ton of info on this topic.

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    It hurts like hell..worse part is afterwards you cant do any thing active because your cherry has been popped and it hurts like crazy..stay a virgin while you can.

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