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Physics help.. Need to do good on this test?

We have a test retake tomorrow... and I completely failed the first one.. I don't know how!! I should have aced it... We went over new stuff that wasn't going to be on the test before taking the test...

Anyways, Here is a problem, I will try to solve it and can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

A bus travels 0.510 h to reach the school from your house. If the average velocity is 17.0km/h to the west, what is the displacement?

My answer:


Δ t=0.510 h

Δ V=17.0km/h to the west

Δ Vi=0, so Δ f =17.0km/h


Δ x=.5(Vf)Δ t


Δ x=.5(17.0km/h west) .0510 h


4.335km west

I will post other questions on here in a bit, if you want to answer those and get an easy best answer, since I don't think many people will be fighting to answer this..


I forgot, with significant figures, it would be 4.34 km west, correct?

Update 2:

Is that all I did wrong? ok so then 4.34X10^3 m west. Is that it?

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    convert everything to metres and seconds, remember to use SI units

    Source(s): Year 12 Physics Course
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