Is this some sort of relationship karma or is it that God is testing our relationship?

I been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 years now and he used to lie and talk to women behind my back. One of my friends was with my brother driving and my brother noticed my boyfriend with his arm around another girl so they drove up on him and the girl unnoticed and questioned him he denied what was going on...and showed up at my house and tried to lie to me then finally told the truth he said that he made a mistake and that we was together to long and he needed to prove he still had it blah blah blah...and i forgave him but there was a trust issue now, and i was still thinking that he was talking to other women because if he did it once he will do it again..I was hurt by the situation because of the fact that i was faithful and he betrayed me. I wanted him to feel how i felt so badly...I even stoped talking to all my male friends for i started making new male friends and gave out my number. They started calling and texting me and my boyfriend had a guilty consience so he would watch who called/texed my phone and look at my texts and a guy sent a picture of himself with his shirt boyfriend got mad so i told him i would get my number changed so i did and i gave out my new number and someone texed hi so my boyfriend had my phone and seen the texed and texted him back asking who it was and how they got my number...and its like the stuff that was going on was the stuff he did to me i tried to lie and act as if i didnt know the people who texed my phone but they clearly said my name in the text so they knew i was lieing and talking to guys behind his back just as he did to me it feels good to know he understands what he put me through but it sucks that we both cant trust each other now...he said that he knows its his fault because if he wasnt doing the things he was i wouldnt have done what i did and in all reality hes right...So is this karma and what should our next step be now that we are even? and the trust is still gone how can this relationship work nobody has had sex outside the relationship but im afraid it might lead to it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Look, after I read the first sentence of this, I was hoping you were not still with your boyfriend! If he would even consider talking to other girls and lying to you, he's not right for you. The right guy will only have eyes for you and will be honest with you. If there's no trust in your relationship then it's time to get out completely. You can do better! And never try to 'get back' at anyone, it only makes things worse. Be the better person, you deserve the best!

  • 8 years ago

    blah,blah,'s all rubbish!!. Sorry to say that,I read your post (hella lot to write but eventually got your point across). IF FROM THE START OF A RELATIONSHIP,COUPLES EITHER CHEAT OR CAN NOT TRUST ONE ANOTHER,THE RESULT(S) OF IT WOULD BE A TOTAL CATASTROPHE:ESPECIALLY IF YOU WERE TO BEAR A CHILD(REN),YOU'D BE PUTTING THEM THROUGH HELL(splitting up),AT THE PARENTS' EXPENSE. So, think about it;is it worth it for you to give an inch and your partner taking a mile???. You've been together 5 years only and experienced this so far,think of what's next the rest of your life with him. By the way I personally don't go for the 'karma' part and as far as the God part,that's your personal respect. Go to counseling,and if he refuses then you know it's not going to ever work!!

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  • 8 years ago

    I had a guy cheat on me a couple weeks ago. I know how much it hurts, believe me!! A cheater and a liar can't be trusted until they can show you they can. Trust is a hard thing to build back. I would lose the guy. Guys think they can do what they want and that us girls have to sit around and wait on them. Not so!!! Don't let anybody treat you like that. And don't lower yourself to his level. Don't be a liar and a cheat even tho he is. You are better than that...he isn't.

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