what does this dream mean?

In my dream there was this guy who said "Follow me for a second chance" so we go to I think my house probably somebody else's house and he picks up my model of the second temple and goes "Do you want this" and throws it away before I can answer and he puts up an egyptian looking idol in its place but I destroyed the idol and threw it away retrieving the pieces of the second temple being able to rebuild some of it... What does this dream mean???

I'm a Christian

Serious answers please


the guy looked liked one of my friends i haven't talked to in years and im getting back in touch with him since we go to the same school together

Update 2:

so basically a highschool student

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  • Ray
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    8 years ago

    My best suggestion is for you to realize that you are the creator of all the characters in your dream - The issue seems to be your dealing with not worshiping idols -

    Many religions including Christian ones use idols to remind them of God. When you go to most churches there are idols of Jesus, Mary, Even pictures of God sitting in Heaven -

    These are all seen as idols to many - but if you want to visualize your ideas of God - then how can you do it without others seeing you as idolizing an idol?

    When you read the bible and and mentally see the lessons as items within your head - are these not also idols not made by the hands of man?

    Please try understanding that you have other senses and each has it duty to perform your wishes - From music to the smell of incense.

    The mind/temple is the home of of the Heavenly Father - See Luke 17:21 -" Seek ye firstly the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you".

    Now isn't this the same place where you are manifesting your dreams?

    Try meditating on these things.

    Hope this has been a help.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, 'egyptian idol' could mean a matter of things and even tell us who was the one in your dreams, so don`t be so vague. Also, if you remember, try telling us the man`s appearance. I think its one of God`s angels, but older though and maybe a little too proud, but materialism makes no worshipers of God. Solomon made his temple dedicated to a demon, I think, if I recalled. I think it was to be Baal`s temple. Not saying that he was entirely bad or anything, but I felt you should know.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Dreams are a creation of your subconscious mind

    They don't 'mean' anything.

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